Quick Tips: How to properly end a novel

The end of a story is important, as it will help determine if the person will want to read more of your stories or recommend a friend. Since many people want to end their novel without putting a dent in a good story, here are my tips for creating a satisfying ending to your awesome novel.

About Twists…–  A random twist can seem like a cop-out, or straight up lazy. If you want to add a twist, make sure it makes sense, allude or foreshadow it through stealthily hidden clues, or character actions. Like if a character is secretly guilty of a crime, give subtle hints, have him do suspicious things like show up late, or go missing, or act a bit on edge, don’t just reveal one in out of nowhere with no forethought.

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Focus on completing your story before Sequels –  Before, you even begin to pad out your second novel, make sure your first novel is constructed well enough.



If you don’t, you may end up struggling to pad out your first novel, because you placed important events or context in the second novel. You may fumble in an attempt to string together major plot points, and stretch out a story that wasn’t meant to be stretched in such a way, and trust me, it’ll show in the final product.

So, in my advice, make sure your first novel is at least mostly finished before you even start to type the second the one, you may find that you don’t need a sequel if it all perfectly fits into one book.

Reflect– It’s time to look back at your character’s journey and all the challenges your character has faced.

Reflect on your character, think about how has he or she changed, learn something did they grow? Are they more trusting, less trusting? Have they learned about making sacrifices or bravery, or is cowardice, and treachery more their cup of tea? Have this your mind as you write the ending to show how your character has progressed as a person. A good part of storytelling is having the experiences your characters change and learn as the story progresses, just like a real journey.

– Reference–  Add reminders/ references to events that occurred beforehand. Let your readers feel nostalgic over the journey they’ve just experienced, the ups and downs, the peril, successes, and setbacks. For example, have old characters who guided your character cameo, or have the brave adventurer return to their place of origin or hometown.

The reasoning behind this is, it can give your novel a more sense of completeness, as it symbolically represents come full circle as old points or things are referenced, feeling of nostalgia will defiantly won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

When it’s time to write the end of your story, take advantage of it, leave your readers with something they won’t be forgetting anytime soon!

Did you like this post? If you did, comment down below, this is my first time doing this, feedback would be nice! If you feel the need to share something with me, or if you want me to talk about anything else relating to a certain writing subject feel free to comment below. Until next time! 🙂




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