Lamp Test, and how to fix a Lamp Charater.

What’s a Lamp Test?

-A test will help you determine whether or not your character is actually a “Lamp Character.”

What’s a Lamp Character?

-A character that could be removed from the story and replaced with a regular lamp, without really affecting the plot or story.


Lamp test starts here:


1.-If you replaced that character with another character, would the plot change much?


2.- Is your character static, or not doing much in many of the scenes they’re in?


3.-Does your character get constantly sidelined by other characters? (As in do you write more about what’s going on with other SIDE characters than your MAIN character?)


4.-Are you struggling to fit your character into scenes, or make use of your character?


5.-Is your character an actual lamp that does nothing?


6.-Does your character affect the plot in little or no way?


-If you answered YES to any of these questions, you may have created, or be at risk of creating a Lamp Character.


analysis blackboard board bubble

Tips on how to fix a Lamp Character:

-Flesh out the character. Perhaps, if you flesh out the character more, and get to know who this character actually is, it’ll be easier to write about this character. (It would also help you write how this character would react in certain situations.)


-Have that character be more involved in the plot. In other words, actually, do something that effects events in the story.


-Question your focus on the character, or their story.(Perhaps the story would be better centered on another character more involved in the story. Some characters won’t mesh well into certain plots)


-If all else fails, consider revamping the character entirely. (Sometimes, it’s easier to start from scratch.)

Was this post helpful, or a bit confusing? Does this test need to be more accurate, or is it fine as it is? I’d like to know your thoughts down in the comments below. Until next time! :)

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