Update May 2019

May 2019  Update


Outline:   1.Where did I go?    2.What’s New?    3.Avis Thoughts.    4.New post schedule.

Where did I go? (my unorthodox hiatus)

Now, I didn’t originally plan to have a hiatus, or take such a long break from posting, but there were a few reasons I stepped away, including a few personal ones I won’t dive into, but one of the main drives for such a long break was that I was unsatisfied with how I was creating content.

Before I signed off I was rushing to get posts out and basically do a million things at once. As time went on I began to build a mindset that my work could of been better had I taken more time to step back and revise, and that my content was starting to dip in quality. I held a similar sediment for my presence on other platforms I use and to make a long story short, I overall wasn’t happy with the quality of my posts or the direction my content was heading.

So during that time off I took care of personal matters, spruced up my blog, figured out what changes I wanted to make to my content and schedule, and and planned out where I wanted to go from here. 

With that being said, I should of posted a hiatus notification or post before I vanished, and I apologize for that. So if you were or are a bit miffed about that I understand you have the right to be miffed. Though I can assure you I don’t plan on going on hiatus anytime soon, especially as long as my last one, if I find myself in a situation where I will I’ll notify or post something to let you readers know. 

(So,)What’s new?

I’ve implemented a few new changes to this blog, and you can expect a few more to come later on. So let’s begin with the more mundane to important.

First, my pen name, I altered it to “T.I. Avis,” or Tavis for short. It feels more fitting.

Second, the layout, if you were there to witness the train-wreck of my old site you’d realize I changed the layout and altered a few pages, this includes:

-A different url that thankfully has my blog named spelled correctly. (I had to fix a lot of links.)

-Crisper layout as stated before.

-A banner that doesn’t hurt your eyes. (No joke, I actually really like it :))

-More organized pages and subsections so it’s easier to find things.

-My Avis thoughts page (which was in development before.)

Avis Thoughts

Before my hiatus, my blog had another page that seemed to be in development forever, (partly because I wasn’t solid on what I wanted the page to be about, and partly because I wanted to organize my blog a bit more before I posted anything there.) That page ended up being home to where I’ll be posting a new series of posts titled, “Avis Thoughts.”

These posts are more opinionated, anecdotal pieces where I’ll be sharing a more personal experiences and thoughts. In these posts you can expect to read my thoughts on certain topics, of course mainly writing related, and maybe learn a bit about me though the stories and opinions I’ll share there. So if your interested in that kind of thing keep an eye out, and if you aren’t don’t worry, I’m still going to be posting writing tips more frequently than “Avis Thoughts,” posts.

Post schedule

Lastly, there’s a new post schedule!

Writing tips will be posted every Wednesday up until fall where I’ll be dialing back a bit to two a month. 

Thank you for reading this long and detailed post! Honestly it’s great to be back and been super difficult not to post anything up until this moment, I look forward to sharing more tips and stories with you all and being more active on this digital space.

Until next time!

(Today’s post: Killing Darlings )

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