(Spooky) October 2019 Update


Topics Covered: 

1.Posts  2.My book/Future post ideas   3. Book progress 

 4.No more art?  5. Small Winter Hiatus

So I originally wasn’t planning to do an update for October but there’s just so much I want to talk about, including a few small changes I’m planning on implementing in the future.

  1. Posts

Posts will be continuing on their schedule of every other Wednesday.

  1. Future post ideas 

So, as I announced previously in an Avis Thoughts posts, I’m planning on releasing my first book next year.

 I’ve already gotten its LCCN, ISBNS, and filed for the copyright (which is pending). I’m currently working with an artist on a cover variation and building a website for the book so it’s been a busy last few months.

I bring this up because I’m considering starting a new mini-series next year documenting this publishing process. I was going to do small journal updates of my publishing progress, but there’s just so much to talk about, including a few mistakes I made that could have been avoided. I feel a mini-series would be fitting (and entertaining.) 

I think what would really make this series stand out is the fact that I’m publishing a middle-grade novel, not YA, Romance, Adult, etc. It’s an entirely different beast that’s scarcely seen in the indie space (in comparison to other genres.) It has more hurdles with marketing, and gatekeepers like librarians, teachers, parents, etc. It also has what I’d argue is a slightly more meticulous cover process and a harder to reach audience.

I’ll give more of an update on this idea later on, but I’d be curious to know your thoughts on this concept below.

3.Book Progress

Progress on my book has been interesting…I’d say it’s 95% finished. The story is finished, it’s been beta read, edited, proofread, and all that jazz months ago. 

My focus right now with the book is cleaning up its presentation, in fact I ordered proof copies for it last week. After my final tweaks and edits, I’ll officially announce it’s the release date and finally dive head-on into the world of marketing.

It’s going to be a busy next few months.

(Heck, it’ll be a busy next few years if things go as planned.)

I was planning on doing a cover reveal in November but I’ve pushed that and the unannounced release date back because I need more time to get that book into the best shape I possibly can and plan it’s launch.

Till then stay tuned. 🙂

4.No more art?

I’ll cut to the chase here, I’m not going to be posting much, if any, art on D.A. (With the exception of writing tips.)

The reason why is because I’m not satisfied with the quality of my art. I did a poll like a month ago on D.A. asking why people watched so I thought I ought to give a heads up for those who watch for art.

With that being said, I still enjoy making sketches and I feel they’re far better than I’ve been posting. I’m still on the fence on where I want to post these. I’ll give an update when I decide.

5.Winter Hiatus

I’m taking a small much-needed break from writing posts in December. With my book launch looming ever closer and my backlog of posts dwindling I need time more time to work. I also need to play a bit of catch up with my life, turn out when you spend all day typing and on social media you can miss out on hanging out with people you care about and progressing in things outside of writing, (who knew?) So I’m going to be cutting down on screen time a bit and focusing on things outside of writing.

My hiatus will start this December and end in February of next year.

Thank you for reading, until next time!

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