About Fularrii (the blog)


What’s Fularrii?

Fularrii is a blog in that it produces content such as writing tips and opinionated critiques for entertainment and learning purposes. On this site, posts will reveal how to create believable characters, form a compelling plot, avoid making common writing errors, and other tips to enhance storytelling skills.

Why did you start this blog?

My goal through this blog is to spread personal knowledge about the art of storytelling, this will sustain from personal thoughts, experiences, and teachings I’ve gained over the years about writing. Through this and feedback on my content, I hope to engage with a community of new writers, critics, and creative thinkers.

Okay, so this blog is just about writing books?

No, it’s also about tomfoolery and hi-jinks through personal anecdotes about writing.

Also, the topic of my posts may extend across many platforms such as movies, video games, TV shows etc., so I may tackle or allude to various platforms, but mostly books.

Where can I follow this spectacular blog?

Glad you asked! You can follow the blog via the follow button on the homepage. 🙂