blue ceramic teacup with saucer beside book

Who are you?

T.I. Avis or Tavis for short.

I’m a writer currently pursuing a degree at some state college while writing on my free time.

I grew up on books like Silver Wing, Black Beauty,  Julie of the Wolves, Old Yeller, and series like Warriors and Wolves of the beyond. (Yes, I was an animal fanatic as a child.) I always loved reading, and when I got older I loved writing as well.

I also wrote short stories on my free time, and to this day I still have piles of journals and papers full of incomplete stories and crudely drawn characters littered around my room, albeit a slightly more neater stacks than when I was younger.

In the future I hope to become an author someday and create stories that leave a profound impact on young readers.

Why did you start this blog?

I was inspired to start this blog after a years of following other bloggers, discovering writing communities online, and my own writing experiences.

I also enjoy sharing tips and personal anecdotes about writing based on what I’ve encountered.

Any hobbies?

Yes, this blog.

Also doodling.

What’s your Mascot / Icon?

A dik-dik. (Or more specifically Salt’s dik-dik)

Google defines it as a “small antelope [that lives] in the bushlands of eastern and southern Africa.” I define it as a “tiny deer.”

Where can I follow you?

You can follow me on TWITTER via the social media links on the homepage. 🙂